I am a professional  photographer and mom of a beautiful girl. Thus I know how pregnancy period is intimate and precious in the life of every woman. I would suggest that it is very imperative  to make a memory of a pregnancy journey in photos and furthermore is very important to find the right maternity photographer that will do that.  So in our studio we offer maternity photo session packages for mommies to be. We carry a wide range of outfits, dresses and fabric wraps for your photo shoot. A separate reception room with a fitting space and sofa is a great addition to make your experience easy and comfortable. Pictures are taken solo, with partner and other children.

As a photographer Maryna at Naemi Photography strive  to see a special beauty of a pregnant client. Every pregnant woman has her unique style, motions, and movements that reflect her charm. Thus the main goal of a maternity photographer is to recognize  that charm. Lighting and posing techniques are very important in a successful maternity photo session. That’s why it is very important to find a professional maternity photographer  who knows the work. 

Accordingly if you are expecting a baby and looking to have a maternity photo session, you welcomed to check our portfolio and  contact us for more information.