Newborn photography is a very imperative kind of photo session that captures precious moment of your newborn baby. First 10 days are the best time to take  beautiful images of your newborn baby, since most of the time baby is sleeping. What it gives is a possibility to capture baby in the most natural way and best possible poses.

Photography of newborns is time consuming session that lasts from two to three hours. Why it takes so long? The answer is that the baby   is fed between, diaper needs to be changed. And the most important is that the baby needs to fall asleep that usually  takes time, so the photographer would be able to pose newborn baby in a nice and comfortable way.

In our studio we also have a large variety of things for newborn photography . Blankets, wraps, outfits, posing props, headbands are all available for photography of newborns.

Above all if you are expecting a baby  or already have a newborn baby it is just the right time to schedule a photo session so a professional  NYC newborn photographer will capture these best moments. Time flies so fast, children grow and it seems just yesterday you remembered every tiny thing about your baby. But memories vanish with time and it is very hard to recollect it.  NY newborn photographer Naemi Photography has experience and knowledge  of newborn photography. We are excited to share these precious moments with you and will be super happy for you. You are welcomed to find out more about photography of newborns by contacting us.