Events Photography

Looking for Event Photographer, our Team at Naemi Photography are excited  to share your special Day together. We are specializing in photographing Birthday Celebrations, Special Events, Bar mitzvah,  Corporate Parties….Why do you need an event photographer? Well the answer is our team will make sure that every moment of your special day is recorded in pictures. Usually a lot of preparation is made to find a right place for food and entertainment as well as decoration of your event. The special day came,  every guest  looks beautiful and the main hosts of the event are especially in shine . And what happens usually  after is that all celebration was amazing but there is nothing to show and keep for the future (except phone selfies:).

In conclusion, we are here at Naemi Photography would be very happy to share your Special Event together.  For more informations, pease, do not hesitate to contact us.

Commercial Photography

Business Owners and Managers are welcomed to  Contact us for more information about professional photography of your business. Interior, food, business services  as well as the place  itself  photo caption  is available. 


Family Photography:

Maternity, Newborn, Family, Children, Birthday, Milestone, Life Cycles

Events and Commercial Photography:

Birthdays, Special Events, Parties, Corporate and Business Events, Food and Restaurant Photography

portrait headshot

Portrait Photography:

Portraits, Headshots, Portfolio, Modeling

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